Country Roads Take Me Home

Country Roads Take Me Home

Country Roads Take Me Home... 

Every time I think about home, I think about a small town in northern Nevada where I grew up. I have moved several times since my childhood days, running around that small town, but I will always be hit with a sense of nostalgia as I drive into town. 

I think about the small town in Colorado where I spent three weeks every summer visiting my grandparents. When I was 8, I was able to start riding my bike to town to pick up treats and soda and I can still smell the sweet pea flowers that lined every road. I always felt like time stood still there.

I think of home up a dirt road to the old pioneer house that we live in with our family of 7. It is the same house that my husband's grandma was raised in and we have created so many beautiful memories here. When I think of home, I think of sledding down the hill next to our house, baking fresh chocolate chip cookies with my children, and playing with our animals in the yard.

Home can be anywhere that you have felt love, joy, and excitement. Think of the places that are home to you and always remember that no matter where you are at in your journey, you are never too far from home.
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