Our Roots

Sterling and Tiffany on horses

We strive to create items that will strengthen relationships and we are strong believers in spending quality time together with family. 

When we aren't in the shop creating orders as a family, we are out in the fields of the family farm, at the pond catchin' fish, creating huntin' memories, goin' to church, or simply enjoying the little things in life!
We blast country music and dance in the kitchen and we are proud of our country roots!

Our five children are homeschooled and we work together to handmake and select unique items for your home and family! We put our heart into every order and strive to make gift giving a memorable experience! 

We created Country Family Home in 2020 while walking through the grief of losing a close family member. We sell several memorial items that were inspired by him. A portion of the sales on our site are donated to Type 1 Diabetic organizations in his honor. #insulin4all

fishing memorial ornament

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If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us at support@countryfamilyhome.com